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Y2k Block Chunky basic white platforms

Y2k Block Chunky basic white platforms

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Step into a world of elevated style and comfort with our stunning collection of platform heels and wedges. From chic and contemporary to timeless classics, our carefully curated selection ensures you find the perfect pair to elevate your fashion game.

Platform Heels:

Striking Heights:
Discover the allure of added height with our platform heels. Each pair is designed to provide a perfect balance between style and stability, allowing you to confidently step into any occasion.

Versatile Elegance:
Explore a variety of silhouettes, from classic pumps to modern sandals. Our platform heels effortlessly transition from day to night, offering a versatile option for both casual and formal settings.

Comfortable Confidence:
Experience the confidence that comes with comfortable height. Our platform heels are crafted with attention to comfort, ensuring you can strut your stuff with ease from morning meetings to evening events.


Effortless Style:
Embrace the laid-back charm of wedges, perfect for those who seek style without compromising comfort. Our wedge collection features a range of designs, from espadrilles to ankle-strap wedges, ensuring a perfect match for any outfit.

Day-Long Comfort:
Walk with ease all day long in our wedges, designed to provide stable support. Whether you're heading to the office or strolling through the city, our wedges combine fashion and function seamlessly.

Summer Ready:
Get ready for warmer days with our summery wedge styles. Breathable materials and trendy designs make our wedges the ideal choice for sunny adventures, adding a touch of flair to your seasonal wardrobe.

Premium Craftsmanship:
Every pair in our platform heels and wedges collection is crafted with precision and premium materials. Whether you choose sleek leather, bold patterns, or textured fabrics, you can trust in the durability and style that define our footwear.

Elevate your footwear collection with our platform heels and wedges – where fashion meets comfort, and every step is a statement of style.
Poppy & Chunky is the new cool! 

Super Comfortable 
Double breasted cushioning 
2 inch height- Front | 2.5 Inch height -Back
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